About me

My name is Tarsheen Peters.  I was involved in a  gang for 37 years and through my journey, was able to break the cycle of walking in  destructive footsteps. In my vast experience with gang activity, i have been able to  empower schools, communities and Law enforcement,  as well as, help parents gain a better understanding of “street mentality” and enable persuasion to their children not to become involved in/with gangs. I ‘m a veteran of foreign wars, was shot five times, died and had a outer body experience. This led me to give my life to God and begin serving as a messenger for the Lord.  I have become an  minister and formed the organization Gang Breaker Inc. I worked with senator Vincent Ford to assist in producing the “Gang initiative for the state of GA” September, 2015.

My achievements include, but are not limited to:

  • Minster of State for USCAASRM
  • Past Deputy Grand Master
  • Past Worship master
  • Alpha Phi Alpha Inc. 1906
  • Writer and Author of the book ” How to find Peace & Tranquility with God

GBO (Gang Breaker Inc.)  works closely with DFCS, DJJ, and the foster care network. Our program is in five group homes in the  Metro Atlanta area, focusing on mentoring, tutoring, strengthening education and the community as a whole. GBO is involved in  enriching  after school programs in the Decatur area, as well as providing school programs for the Latino community (CEPTA) during the summer months. The GBO organization designed a six month  release program for the inmates of the Macon State Prison previously involved in gang activity.

GBO has received the following awards for working with youth at risk.

  • Proclamation of Resolution ( State of Georgia)
  • Community Award (Community Advocates in Action)
  • Appreciation award (Fulton County)
  • Martin Luther King Medallion (SCLC)
  • Appreciation Award (Treasurechest Learning Systems)
  • Dekalb County Juvenile citizen panel board
  • Fulton County Juvenile court system
  • My Brother Keeper committed Board ( Fulton County)
  • ACADA Foundation Award 2016
  • Honoree award (Bold Magazine 2016)
  • Don’t Touch the Fire Award (Fulton County) 2017
  • Benjamin Mays high School appreciation award 2017