Parents Awareness

Child Assessment Answered by Parent:

1. Argues or is verbally disrespectful.

2. Has been requested to attend an alternative school.

3.  Complains that things are unfair.

4. Threatens to runaway.

5. Challenges rules, expectations, or responsibilities.

6. Does he/she scream back when being disciplined?


Parental Intervention

Main Objectives

1. Always focus on the present

2. Emphasize and focus on what can be done Now

3. Do not Dwell on weaknesses

4. Always promote Responsible behavior


​Remain Aware of results

1. Provide frequent positive feedback

2. Frequently practice

New skill to see what works best for each situation

3. Constantly identify strengths


Parent Management Model

Key Targets

1. Promote play

2. Implement Reward system

3. Reorganize the child’s Day to prevent problems

4. Use consistent and calmly excuted consequences