Wraparound Programs

Key Targets:

Reduce child’s aggressive behavior.

Increase Prosocial interactions.

Correct Cognitive Deficiencies.

Teach children to become good problem-solvers and decision makers

Reduce impulsive behavior.

Enable child to become reflective thus Teaching them appropriate  coping skills in provocative situations,(this also helps with anger management.)

Reconstruct/ Teach better practices/ Methods for conflict Resolution.

Child assessment:

Has parent complained about your study habits?

Does punishment pattern ever change?

Does parent communicate in pleasant manner with everyone else but you?

Does parent scream at you rather than talk to you?

Do you feel disrespected by parent?

Thought Dairy:

What Happen: what made you upset?

Emotions: Sad/Anxious/Angry

Automatic Thoughts: what are the thoughts you had before the feelings are expressed?