How many Gangs and Gang Members in the U.S?

30,000 Gangs in the United States and 790,000+ Gang Members.

How old are Gang Members?

50% are juveniles (under18) and 50% are adults, or about 410,000 teenage gang members and 630,0000 adult gang members.

How many males and females are in Gangs?

Between 90-94% of gang members are male. Between 10-20% are female.​

How many juvenile Gang members are in prison?

20% of juveniles in prison are female and 80% are male. There are approximately 380,000 teenage boys and 36,000 teenage girls in gangs.​

What are the factors that lead to gang involvement?

Learning disabilities and emotional disorders: 60%-78% of incarcerated gang members – male and female – have emotional and learning disabilities. School Failure and Truancy. No involvement in positive activities outside of school. Friends and peers who are delinquent. Early involvement in petty theft and behavioral disorders in grade school. Low income. ​